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  • What is CTV ?

    Welcome to COINSHOP TV, a video/audio channel where we share updates, advertorials, market info, promotional material about our clients and information that helps you navigate the world of precious metals.


    In time we will be putting up material in different channels - for now, all the content is blended to a single broadcast channel playing on a repeat cycle.


    The content is a collection of videos, interviews, and podcasts from all over the world, gathered with your education in mind. Sometimes, where video is not available, the media you experience is audio only.


    We make no specific endorsements or recommendations and do not necessarily hold the same views as the material originator.

    What's playing right now ?

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    58 second - They're going to take everything" teaser


    27 min - We're sleepwalking into recession - Daniella Cambone Podcast


    2hr - Palisades Gold Radio - Technical market update