Your money, spent privately.

    (Read that again...you might be missing the magic)

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    ...here's WILDCARD.


    No...not 'a' wildcard...THE WILDCARD...your simple silver spending system



    1. WILDCARD's most valuabe feature - it's entirey anonymous and private. Your regular debit/credit card, at transaction time, generates data for the banking community, and income in hidden fees. WILDCARD does not.


    2. WILDCARD is a MASTERCARD DEBIT card...acceptable in thousands of places you spend your Aussie dollars right now.


    3. We load it up with your Aussie dollars - paid as AUD or paid as silver (actual silver from your personal stock...obviously, yes, you can just buy some too)


    4. If it's silver, we put the calculated, agreed value on to the card and send it to you.


    5. You are now spending down your silver, in AUD, ANYWHERE YOU WISH, because it'll be accepted wherever a Mastercard debit card is accepted.*


    6. When it's empty, it's discarded, and we set up a fresh one, loaded again, in the same way.


    * a very small percentage of vendors will not accept this form of card, so we'll make the purchase for you, with your agreement, and we'll drawndown the value off your WILDCARD ourselves.




    Rinse, repeat.


    I know right...the simplicity freaks us out too !



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