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    Friday 24th May 2024


    The story

    How did I end up doing this ?


    Thanks for asking...

    Clearly I have not quite enough brains to be an astronaut, share broker or race car driver and I am blessed with a great face to be a radio announcer...so here I am.

    I'm driven by the values of SERVICE, COMMUNITY and INDEPENDENCE and after a corporate career making IBM, APPLE, MICROSOFT and VODAFONE richer I woke up to myself and started a training business, helping long term unemployed people find there place in the job market.

    My specialty and skills are three fold...
    - delivering soft skills (communication and confidence) training. I have 10,000+ hours as an instructor for Dale Carnegie training, the worlds largest sales and management training business. I've delivered their material in Auckland, Wellington, London, Sydney and Melbourne.
    - I'm finance savvy, having sold operating lease finance as an IBM employee, to IBM's top tier corporate clients wanting off balance sheet funding for high volumes of PCs and servers. Means I can use big words like discounted cash flow and internal rate of return...yeah...bull dust hey.
    - I'm qualified in a recruitment discipline known as Behaviour Profiling. You know...all that Myers Briggs stuff that helps employers avoid putting the square pegs in the round holes.

    So why do I offer education and supply around gold, silver ?

    Well...we're heading for a new world, a digital world, centered on the continuing breakdown of currencies (called Fiat Currencies...the coins and notes). There's a global de-dollarisation happening.

    "They" (the Bank of International Settlements, the UN and The World Economic Forum plus others) have published, and openly stated that their goal is a one world government and a single digital currency. The publicly available documentation makes it abundantly clear...you'll eat bugs, own nothing and be happy. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us...and it's digital. Face recognition, iris scanning, digital passports, social credit scores and digital ID...you're welcome.

    And so what's the link to currencies and your stored wealth ?

    It's interesting to note...of the 3400+ currencies in all of known history, NOT ONE is still in use. They collapse and disappear. Their creators, their host governments, eventually produce the currency in such huge quantities they evaporate up their own clacker.

    OR...they debase the metal coins. Australian 'silver' coins contained 92.5% silver until WWII and then in the 1960's, with decimalization came coins containing just 50% silver. Today they're Zinc, Aluminum and Copper. The 5c, 10c and 20c pieces cost more to manufacture (8c, 14c and 26c respectively) than their face value. Literally not worth the cost of the token.

    Money printing:
    They called it QE...Quantitative Easing...but the reality is the USA has 'printed' in to existence a doubling of its money supply in the last 2 years, making the existing money in circulation diminish in value. Your house value isn't rising...it simply takes more (lower valued) dollars to buy your house...until the dollars are so useless, the market implodes. That's right...ANY...MOMENT...NOW. Recently (March 2023) we've seen the beginning of the collapse of large US banks...and the trillions they'll need to print to bail out those banks is nothing less than a weapon.

    Since the US dollar has now given way to the Ruble (Russia) as the worlds only gold backed currency, we're actually living through a giant changing of the guard...along with the chaos in finance markets that accompanies it.

    Shhh....don't mention the war ! (and you thought there was a virus...it's ok I won't tell anyone).

    I'm trying to help my bullion buyers avoid the chaos. Secure some wealth...and do it at a level that is manageable and easily understood.

    Buying Gold and Silver is not a simple gig - and the specilists who help you can be expensive.

    If I can serve my buyers in their various purchases (under $500,000 and starting at just $10) then I have been of service.

    Warning...I like to start by buying you a coffee.

    I like to understand your situation...and guide you accordingly. I may simply end up telling you where to go and buy for yourself, taking my service out of the transaction all together.

    So...if it's all gobble-dee-gook, come and connect. The chats are free...and holding a bit of gold or silver will put a new twist on your day.

    Let's chat soon.

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    Tahi (Adam to some)


    0422 720 958

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