• Silver

    Lucky Dip

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    Want to find and win some silver ?


    We've hidden an ounce of silver in a cupboard.


    It's one of 25 cupboards, so you have a 4% chance of finding it with your lucky dip guess.


    The rules for guessing are as follows...

    • You must be a COINSHOP member to play (Get membership here)
    • The game prize is a 1oz ounce silver coin or 1oz silver bar at our choosing.
    • There can be multiple winners each month.
    • The ounce is hiding in one of the 25 cupboards.
    • Only one guess can be played out each calendar month. The system can tell if you send more than one guess in a month. All guesses beyond the first, each month, are ignored and dismissed.
    • The location of the coin is changed to a new cupboard on the 1st of each month and after a successful guess occurs.
    • The game is played by sending an SMS message containing ONLY the number of the cupboard you guess, and waiting for an automated reply. e.g. you send "2" or "23" in your SMS
    • The automated reply will tell you if you have guessed correctly. If you find it please make contact to plan delivery.

    If you're a member you can play right now. If not...get a membership and play.


    Your guess must be sent by SMS to 0481 075 287.