2023 - Instant SILVER giveaway

For ten months now we've given away a silver ounce, monthly, by drawing an email address from the pool of members.

Thank you all who came to play.

In 2023 that's taking a new twist...we're speeding it up !

Instant karma, instant wins...all based around the blog, as follows...

1. an announcement will advise blog subscribers that the silver give away is coming up for the month at hand.
2. a second blog announcement (a few hours later, and up to a full day later) will invite you to IMMEDIATELY put your hand up by TXT to 0481075287.
3. the one ounce silver coin will go to the sender of the first response received.

4. you cannot win the ounce more than once in a 6 month period.

If you're not a blog reader/receiver...well...hmmm.

...and if you have won the ounce, in this past 6 months, and still wanna play, GET YOUR BEST FRIEND, FAMILY, DOG, DOG's FAMILY, HAMSTER, or HAMSTER'S BARBER, to grab a membership and subscribe to the blog.

Big love.


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