All change - no change

Hi folks.

A gentle update....introducing the bot, again. You could say I've got the bot.

As the breadth of services I'm offering grows, and the volume of activity increases, helping you stay in touch, access the various services and feel well looked after becomes a very real challenge.

Despite what you think of my genius, I am only (at the moment) one man.

...and now, one robot. I called it GASCIT a few months ago. Gold A Silver Client Information Tool.

You can call it that if you want.

I've been warming up to the idea for the past 12 months, and finally, the bot is born and functioning.

...and yes it'll be clunky to start, but COINSHOP now has a new front door.

It's where the bot lives.

For those of us who still want a web based, or real human change.

Please welcome GASCIT...his vocabulary and usefulness will increase with time.

Please make him feel at home.

Tahi (Adam to some)

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