Christmas Eagles

The Chrismas "thank you"

It is with a great deal of pleasure and pride in our community that I am making the following Christmas campaign come to life.

It is entirely a free Christmas gift give away, with only one condition, you must have already purchased silver or gold from COINSHOP...

...and yes, any new clients between now and 24th Dec will also receive this.

I wish I could make it 10 times its value, but hey, it's month 6, and I have to eat. Let's see if we can make this a 1oz Kangaroo next year.

I've purchased enough 1/10th ounce Eagles (the $10 silver transaction coin) to be able to give one to each and any customer who connects. I'll cover postage to get it to you in Australia, or pass yours to you when we next meet.

Again, I'm so very lucky to have the support of a wonderful community and this is my way of saying thanks. Small and simple.

ACTION FOR YOU : Text the word "Eagle" and your name and a postal address, to 0481075287, and I'll get yours locked in and sent.

With grace, and with Rudolphs help
Tahi (Adam to some)

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