Coffee - metal - magic

Hosting metal meetings - A la Tupperware !

Remember Tupperware ?

...and the way they ran parties at private homes, with all their fancy products on display ?

I remember my Mum hosting a few, because she knew it was the best way to score a few freebies for her own pantry while getting her friends to support the local Tupperware sales lady. Genius marketing model, really !

Guess what...?

...that's how we're sharing the love at COINSHOP too.

Use the form at the page linked below to lock in a conversation (either a one on one with our team or a group session at your place) and we'll be in touch to plan it.

Imagine...a gold and silver show night, at your place !

Coffee, or not, your guests (up to 30) will be glad they came.

There's nothing like a bit of a fiddle (with metal).


Come and book a meeting...