Community Fair

Sunshine, people, energy.

Creating community is the most enjoyable thing to do, and so I invite you if you're close by...

It’s a beautiful day.

The meeting place...

110 Bells Reef Rd Maldon @1:30pm start and the 3pm discussion will be ....Education.

Do you know what wisdom people hold in your community?
Are you aware of your own skills?
Folks have leant heavily on internet intelligence these last years … what would you do without it & what of our children & teens ?
Homeschooling ?
Freeschooling ?
How can we support our community's children & what is there for our teens to look forward to?

Let the questions roll - bring your open mind to the meeting place.

Have a chat with each other over pizza, chai & desserts before hand.

Gates open at 1.30pm, meeting starts at 3pm, yummie stuff available all the time.