CTV - any minute now !

A COINSHOP TV channel to inform, promote and educate.

I am getting very close to a launch of CTV.


On a phone or PC/MAC a CTV viewer can click to watch short videos, advertorials and promotional material that MOSTLY is about YOU, telling your stories and promoting your businesses as a place to spend silver.

It'll be a huge tool to allow new visitors to get a sense of the culture in the community they've joined and select services where they can spend their silver.

It will only broadcast a limited 300 minutes of content, for now...so get in quick if you wish to be included and have your business promoted.

Some content will be from podcasts and info already in the public domain...and some will be updates on products or services we're promoting at any given time.

The internet work is not yet fully complete, but can be viewed here...

Explore and share at your leisure.

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