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RE: 1/10th ounce silver eagles bulk buy opportunity.

The demand for 1/10th ounce silver coins that are the main "transaction" coin we supply is increasing gently.

Last night's jump in silver price by 4.3% in USD $/oz to $24-ish has spooked us all a little. Great if you're holding heaps, not so great if you were just about to buy.

I am sitting on a client order for 500 pieces and I'm wanting to share the love as far and wide as I can by inviting further participants in the transaction...overall that means we can drive the price down a little and all buyers will benefit.

If you are keen to be part of the transaction, that will be taking place Monday 17th, and see delivery (or storage to the vault - www.silverbackvault.com) by approx. Tues 25th, even if it's for 5 or 10 pieces (with no upper limit), please advise, in private, at your earliest opportunity. (my personal sms 0422 720 958)

Standard rates for this coin have been $10/ea.

You will be paying something like $9.60 ea - or as negotiated prior.

Big business love


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