Gold tees

No...the spelling is correct

Time for "NOBLE SHIRT"

Yeah, say it slowly.

What's that ? No bull shirt you say ?

After months of threatening to launch a t-shirt supply on the back of the web store at COINSHOP...well

The weather's warming up and the tempreature is rising and I'm not one to keep quiet when I want to express an idea.

I'd be grateful, as you and your audience become aware of NOLE SHIRT t-shirts, that you also encourage people to become COINSHOP free subscribers and stay connected to the blog. Puts them in the monthly silver coin draw too !

New t-shirt announcements will be bloged with MONOTONOUS REGULARITY...and your ideas for shirt adornment (new captions) will be greatly appreciated.

I have 6 or so on the drawing board ready to announce...just give me a bit of time to get that sorted please.

...for now "QUESTION EVERTHING" is the first one up.

All will be orderable as black text on white shirts, or white text on black, in S, M, L, XL and XXL sizes...all at $42.

Thank you for the ideas, to all who contributed so far !

No more tease from me...just tees.

In the store here.

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