GOLDBACKS - how exciting

Dear COINSHOP crew,'s possibly the most exciting thing to be released this year...the spendable, transaction sized GOLDBACK. In 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 'GOLDBACK' note sizes.

That's 1/1000, 1/200, 1/100, 1/40 and 1/20th gold ounce denominatins.

How Goldbacks Are Made....

Raw 24-karat gold pellets.

24k Gold is embedded in each Goldback in precise measured amounts of 1/1,000th, 1/200th, 1/100th, 1/40th and 1/20th of a Troy Ounce.

The five individual Goldback denominations (1, 5, 10, 25, and 50) are first designed by Goldback artists, as a Series featuring a State and a set of virtues. This artwork is then combined with government-grade anti-counterfeiting features. After passing multiple reviews, the design is sent to Valaurum, manufacturing in the US.

Valaurum then prints the Goldback designs onto 500-foot rolls of polymer sheeting. The 24-karat gold is then vacuum deposited onto the polymer using proprietary 5th-generation vacuum deposition technology. During this step the polymer is bombarded with the precise amount of atomized gold particles.

This deposited gold layer is then sealed inside by a second protective barrier of polymer, creating a beautiful negative image on the back side.

Each production run of Goldbacks is precisely verified via . . .

** X-ray depth measurement

** Fire assay of gold content

** Additional third party measurements

Valaurum has been developing the manufacturing process for nearly two decades and it has never been counterfeited.

It is the most technologically advanced process in the world today for creating physical gold that you can spend.



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