Moooo-ving forward

Pre-launch announce - Raw Milk


NEW PAY ME SILVER VENDOR - Community Raw Milk Supplier

Some of the conversations I have with various professionals and specialists are amazing, quite intense and potentially community changing.

They don't all come to fruition, but they contain the possibility, with support, to make a huge difference.

The Raw Milk Vendor I spoke with this week is a significant sized farmer, in Victoria, with resources to assist in supplying litres and litres of their product to us in mid Victoria....for payment in silver, or AUD.

I'm seeking your expression of interest, in any capacity, as this supply line opens.

You may want to be a consumer at 1 litre a week, or you may have access to a distribution space to allow some storage and re-sale.

Whatever your interest, please connect with me to express it, as soon as you can.

Moooo-ving you forward one Dad joke at a time.

Tahi (Adam) 0422 720 958