Seeking Contractor


I am seeking people.

Ideally people who have been participating in COINSHOP and PAY ME SILVER and understand what this community is really about, but that's not essential.

The role I am recruiting is...

PURCHASING OFFICER - This person is connected to the operations side of our service.

- you are highly mobile and can drive to Melbourne, or live in Melbourne +/- 50km already. But, you're willing, at least once a week, to be driving (all expenses paid) to and from Melbourne and its surrounding country towns 

- you find, control, start, end, select, manage, source, and liase with the supply side...distributors and manufacturers.

- you invite distributors to compete against each other for specific purchases

- you 'own' and operate all things to do with sourcing the material for each/every client purchase

- you listen intently to the sales team, who generate your activity, they are your customer, you take ordes

- you are a spectacular communicator and understand the gravity of the need to be buying right, paying right

- full training is involved

Would suit someone with 10-20 hours of time available each week.


I'd appreciate you contacting me directly on 0422 720 958