A Visa card, loaded with your spendable silver - yi har !

My dearest clients, friends, party animals et al...

...here's WILDCARD !

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No...not 'a' wildcard...THE WILDCARD...your simple silver spending system

1. WILDCARD is VISA DEBIT card...acceptable in thousands of places you spend your Aussie dollars right now.

2. You load it up with SILVER by sending us actual silver from your personal stock...obviously, yes, you can just buy some too.

3. We put the calculated, agreed value of Aussie dollars to be spent on to an ACTIV VISA debit card and send the card to you.

4. You are now spending down your silver, in AUD, ANYWHERE YOU WISH, because it'll be accepted wherever a Visa debit card is accepted.

5. When it's empty, it's discarded, and we send you a fresh one, loaded again with your silver.

Rinse, repeat.

I know right...the simplicity freaks me out too !

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