• The new COINSHOP business card

    Yes, it contains a real 1/10th oz silver Eagle...every business card !

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    It's not just 'a' card.


    It's THE COIN CARD...with a 1/10th oz silver coin in it.


    We're serious about rewarding referrals...and so the real world reward of $12 of silver is all yours when you refer a contact to us.


    THEY DON'T NEED TO BE READY TO BUY SILVER...we're just grateful that you are actively referring people who are curious, and maybe they're at the start of their silver/gold exploration.


    We just want to say thank you...in a real "buy yourself a coffee" kind of way.


    Here's the catch...


    ...it doesn't get sent to you !


    It goes to the person you're referring.


    YOU'RE PUTTING SILVER IN THEIR HANDS IMMEDIATELY....and you'll have to tap them for that coffee !


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