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    ...not just a girl's best friend

    The diamonds are here.

  • While, here at COINSHOP, you can access Gold, Silver and Diamonds, I recommend you start with free education that fast tracks you to understand diamond certification and grading. Here...

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    The world of diamonds is not complicated...there's just lots to wrap your mind around.

    We can easily tell you they're defined by colour, cut, clarity and carat...but you have to see, hold and define your own to make it real.

    We have access to more than 200,000 stones and want to be sure you're getting the ONE that is your special rock.

    Currently we're able to meet budget interests from $400 through to $35,000 or more...and we're acutely aware of the privacy aspect of this consultancy.

    Please tell us your initial requirements and we'll support you accordingly.

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