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  • Introducing COINSHOP and PAY ME SILVER

    At COINSHOP we're 2 years in to a project that helps people store their hard earned wealth as silver and gold

    We're quietly, but quickly, building a network of vendors who accept silver as payment over the counter in their stores.
    www.paymesilver.com .. app at ... www.paymesilver.directory

    And we run simple, easy, low, subscription services for people who just want to tuck away a little money each week, stored as silver.

    ...or buy groceries with it... www.silvergroceries.com

    ...or turn large amounts (superannuation) into self managed super funds, under their own control.

    We're always happy to share a call or zoom and listen to your questions. The currency vs. money discussion is new to many.

    We're all still playing the Monopoly game offered by the powers that be, and thousands of people realise, its time to get off the board because $200 as we pass go just doesn't cut it.