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    Ladies and gentlemen,


    Please notice a full revamp of the pricing related to the subscription service, below.


    Rates now, across 3 categories of silver coin (yes others coming in time)...


    1oz silver, 1/2oz silver, 1/10th oz silver


    ...and volume options at ...


    1,2 or 3 coins per week. (if you need more just add additional ones e.g. select 3 coins and quantity 3 for 9 coins)



    If pricing changes in the open market, your subscription invoice slides with it.


    Remember that we are making the ultimate sacrifice here, and inviting you to commit to ongoing payments without paperwork AND...


    ...at anytime/week you can choose to ignore our subscription invoice AT NO COST and NO DISADVANTAGE to you.


    We simply tally and audit your payments in a given 4 week period and ship you the coins per your payments.


    If you miss the full 4 weekly payments in a given 4 week cycle we'll contact you and get your guidance. Maybe you didn't really want the service in place,..or you wanted less each week...or something else.


    This is the ultimate in YOU GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU PAY FOR.


    At sign up we seek your payment of one single weeks outlay.


    That's it.

  • The Store

    SILVER BY SUBSCRIPTION - silver posted to you every 4 weeks

    SILVER BY SUBSCRIPTION - silver posted to you every 4 weeks

    A$12.00 - A$3 060.00
    This is the service allowing you to make a weekly subscription payment.

    We invite you to make regular, small, affordable, payments, and, at the end of each 4 week period we bundle up and post you the silver/gold you've paid for at the rates shown below.

    The pricing is reassessed and may change weekly, with the market.

    Currently at the rates shown below, we send you a new payment request each week, on a Thursday.

    It's automated...and the email contains a clickable payment link. At the end of each 4 week cycle we add all your payments together and send you material that meets the quantity of payments. If you choose to ignore any invoice that's entirely your choice.

    Control your expense on your side.

    ...and if you need to increase your subscription just let us know. (subs@coin-shop.club)

    Make your first weekly payment by ordering and paying for a subscription product below.

    Call to check in and we will describe in more detail if you need it.

    Adam is on 0422 720 958, anytime. Best to TXT first.
    Coming soon