Event horizon

Definition -

The 'event horizon' is the boundary defining the region of space around a black hole from which nothing (not even light) can escape. In other words, the escape velocity for an object within the event horizon exceeds the speed of light.

In relation to COINSHOP, any moment now, the volume and energy levels of the vendors who understand all the benefits of accepting silver over the counter will exceed the capacity of one bald kiwi to keep up with them and supply services in a timely manner.

Yes, here they are...I know right...sexy as all get out !

For Peter and Kellie, at Alchemy Candle Co., this is what their customer experiences...this is the front door. The customer, standing at the market stall, shows Peter the paid order evidence and he hands them their candles. We note the payment coming through and weekly we tally payments to Peter, mixing AUD and silver in whatever ration he wants.


For Roland and Kerrie, same same, but different. The coffee customer orders, shows Roland the payment receipt on their phone, and Roland makes up their coffee on the spot. Weekly we tally up the incoming payments from the coffee drinkers and send Roland and Kerrie their income, blended in AUD or silver as they wish.


It goes without saying that these vendors will also happily take silver across the counter. These front door web pages give their customers much more flexibility.

Secure, bank free, paying the vendor in silver, without having to carry any at all.

Yes, it's magic...and no...no one had to get sawn in half.

...and I know, right...you thought COINSHOP was a precious metals supplier.

Are you seeing the future yet ?

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