oooodles of ounces

I have 5 ounces of silver for anyone who refers me to the next PAY ME SILVER vendor...for whom we set up an online payment portal like these... or

That's notionally $250 you didn't have before.

I don't care what kind of business they are.

They need to be awake to the idea of...

- their customers pay on a device

- their customers show that payment receipt to a staff member

- the business makes/supplies the services paid for

- COINSHOP sends silver, to the value of the transaction, lumped in, every 7 days or as agreed.

AND YOU GET 5 ounces (one off) for sending them to COINSHOP.

(very soon this will be offered as a commission reward where you send me the vendor, get 5 ounces, AND ALSO GET AN ONGOING COMMISSION FOR EVERY PURCHASE THAT COMES FROM THAT VENDOR)

i.e. you send me a cafe. They do $300 in coffees and get $300 in silver from COINSHOP and you get a reward, likely 1-2% of that flow.

That's right...they're not going to do $300 in coffees, are they !

Across 7 days they'll likely do $3000...and your drip feed income is money for nothing.

Are you seeing this yet ?