Let the joy begin

For a trial period of 30 days...

I'm incenting current GRIFFIN members to stock up on their transaction coins by supplying them at a whisker off my cost level...

...with a PROMO CODE "GRIFFIN" that applies significant discount on orders of $1000 or greater at checkout.

If you are not yet a vendor who accepts transaction sized gold and silver please come to ask how we set you is free...and we list you in the directory as a silver/gold acceptor.

This activity applies to 1 ounce, 1/2 ounce or 1/10 ounce silver coins ONLY at this stage...and may broaden later to gold and silver granules by the gram, and/or 1gm gold tabs, or 1gm gold coins.

Shipping for large quantities will be direct to a single nominated address for signature on arrival and will be tracked and insured at normal AUS POST market freight rates.

Please connect by email to with any questions. Only questions presented in email will be responded to.

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