Payment methods updated

Immediate change

A wee banking collapse story for your edification...

After a client payment was made for my services, and funds received by me, a bank (my client's bank) has made a claim that my client was transacting with a fraudulent card !


...but importatly the bank then made a refund claim on my transaction provider (Stripe) who refunded the bank immediately based on their claim of fraud, pulled the funds ($700+) from my account AUTOMATICALLY...directly impacting me...and leaving me to carry the can.

I now have no silver to the tune of $700+ and I have no payment from that client EITHER !

...and must take up the matter with my client.

The impact, on all of us is that I am now making the decision to sever ties with all digital payment platforms, today, and move to offer ONLY payment by direct transfer to my bank account, or payment in cash or negotiated bartered services.

Not a nice story...but a further ON STRATEGY move, based on the banking chaos we are all on the brink of.

I'm sorry...and I hope you understand.

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