It's time for this.

I make no apology...you may see/hear me talking about this lots in coming months.

You would use this form if you found a vendor who you wanted to refer to the PAY ME SILVER vendor group.

In other words...

...you already shop somewhere, a cafe, a shoe shop, a cabbie, a mobile phone store, your local newsagent...

...and you would love it if they would accept silver over the counter, as payment for the products and services you buy.

Well the form, at the address above, is a simple way to get us to do the work for you, and to have them invited in.

As soon as you fill it in with the store owners name, and email address, we send them a lovely intro email describing how nice it would be if they would accept silver.

You can read the content of the email we send, here... www.paymesilver.com/email


Every time 2 of the vendors you refer sign on as a vendor accepting silver...you get an ounce.

Our system keeps track of the referrals.

All you have to do is ask yourself in any store, with any business you buy from ...

..."would these folk make a good PAY ME SILVER vendor ?"

First one to 1000 ounces...wins. LOL !