The only blog entry to read this year


You want to get paid in silver - tick

You want to do that without any set up of fancy systems or costs - tick

You want to create a way for your clients to use the methods they're familiar with (pay off their card, pay on their phone) - tick

You want the choice to be paid out in AUD or Silver - tick

You don't want to pay anything for this to be up and running immediately - tick

You want to be able to sell your products OR services and for an audit trail to help you keep up with it all - tick

You want to be independent of the b*nks - tick

You want this to grow in time so that you are also trading in silver with your clients who want to pay IN SILVER - tick

You want to make a commission off of holding a few ounces at your outlet, so that your silver users can get silver off you immediately - tick tickeroony tickedy boo !

Well, it's all done, and set up.

You, on behalf of your client, using their card details, in your normal trusting way, can process their purchase at any time !


Your clients can discuss their purchased items with you and then use this facility to transact, then pop you a copy of their emailed receipt to prove their payment, and you fulfil their order.

The doors this opens for you is limited just to your imagination.

Connect and discuss at your leisure. - for some ideas - to see some who have started already - to access the 'anyvendor' portal that you or your client use to pay, and from which we send you silver.

Is good.

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